The best story niches - most untapped! 👑

Action Steps For This Lecture:

  1. Find 10 potential niches that fit our select criteria & write them down in Excel/Google Sheets
  2. Find 3 or more niches you could publish in, that you could build a brand around - because they link together nicely (i.e. anxiety/anger/autism could all be under the same pen name)
  3. Ask any children in your family/extended family what they are reading / like to read for ideas..
  4. Go to the local supermarket or book store and look which Children's books are selling the best & look on the shelves for ideas
  5. Understand that you can't trust the 'search results' number for assessing competition, sometimes you have to manually check the pages to see how many related books there really are.

best niches - children-s story mastery.pdf
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