Coloring the book & piecing it all together 👨🏼‍💻

As you can see, the book is coming to life!

Keep iterating on the book and ask for fixes - for example I asked Mariaa to make the mom's arm smaller because it's out of proportion

Action Steps For This Lecture:

  1. Add the completed illustrations into your Canva file
  2. Overlay your text if is not there already, from when you created the outline to send to your illustrator
  3. Rearrange the text by changing the font, changing the colour, or size, and moving it to where it doesn't block any important parts of the illustration - but it should be readable.
  4. Add the series & review pages to the back of the book, and leave one page blank to utilise later.

Here's how the books look now we have the illustrations coloured in, the next task is to re-align, re-size and re-colour all of the text so fits well.

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