The Residual Royalty Academy Course

With No Information Held Back, This Free Course Reveals EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Build Your Online Book Publishing Empire.

If I could show you how exactly how YOU can earn HUGE royalties passively from publishing very simple books online, and generate monthly pay-checks like this one below, would you be interested?

Well, that's why I've put together this free training (over 30 video modules) that pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly how I earn royalties like this, passively, every single month with my income increasing & increasing as I continue to publish more books.

I truly believe this is the best online business that you can start right now, not only because it's completely unsaturated and still relatively unknown my most, but because:
  • There are NO initial start up funds needed.
  • There is NO ongoing management, as with other saturated business models like dropshipping.
  • There is NO requirement to understand SEO, FB Marketing or Google Ads - 90% of your sales will be organically generated through Amazon's huge customer base.
  • You can run this business from ANYWHERE, with just your laptop and a wi-fi connection. It is a true lifestyle business.
  • You DO NOT need to hold any inventory, deal with customers or ship a single package.
  • You won't be 'writing' any books yourself - this is where it gets very interesting.

Here's the earning progression i've had over the past 15 months (Screenshot taken 29th July 2020)

Don't worry, in the course I will cover the reasons behind the MASSIVE spikes in passive income during November and December of 2019, as well as June 2020!

The ENTIRE list of what you're going to learn inside this free course is detailed below (click the arrow to expand to the full list of over 30 lecture modules)

Course Curriculum

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I am truly excited to share the knowledge and skills that I have poured into this free online training. This business model has changed my life, and i'm waiting to hear YOUR success story next.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - on both this website & on the Teachable iOs app,
What happens when i finish the course?
Apply the exact strategies you have learned, put your new skills into practise. Then, as soon as you are ready to blow up your monthly income to the next level -- click HERE to take the advanced course - 'The Royalty Accelerator'.
Where can i get help?
You can ask questions in the 'Residual Royalty Academy' FB group, our community members will be more than happy to offer you support & guidance.
How can i watch the course?
On The Teachable Website, or on the iOS App From the Apple Store.